Pause... Break!

Obviously, I've been on pause for a couple months. Some work stuff, a bunch of travel, and not a lot new to talk about. I'm still playing Oblivion, though getting close to "done" at this point (if there is such a thing). I've been simultaneously playing all four guild questlines (mage, fighter, thief, dark brotherhood) plus the main questline plus every sidequest I could find. It stacks up to a ton of fun, a huge world to explore, and yes: a good chunk of time. It's still seriously fun.

But! New things are afoot.

Ninety-Nine Nights (N3) was released. Not great reviews, but screw that. The playstyle may be repetitive to some, and the story may be shallow, but whothefuckcares? How many other games let you grind through a thousand enemies singlehandly?!! And oh jeez... download the demo. The graphics are sweet. Watching a hundred goblins come down the valley at you? All rendered with no popup? Booyah! Watch out Koei! There's a new sheriff in town.

My buddy has been playing it and having a blast, which is surprising since he never really got into Dynasty Warriors. Given the graphics in the demo tho... understandable. I have a feeling the strategic aspect of DW won't be there, but I'll report on that next week once I get my own copy of the game (props to my Microsoft buddy for sharing his discounted price!).

And last tidbit for this evening... a new trailer for Heavenly Sword (a PS3 game that might just make me buy one). If that game plays as well as it looks? Yeeeawww...