I've been looking over my blog a bit. There are quite a few things that I need to back and write about. But for now, after reading about the Dynasty Warriors posts, I wanted to take a moment to point out an upcoming game...

It's called Ninety-Nine Nights (or "N3N"), and looks to be in the same "massive hand-to-hand carnage" genre as DW. Go check out those videos.

I'm a bit saddened in that we don't have any US release information at this point. Like, whether we'll even get one(!) Everyone: cross your fingers. Even if you don't want it, then help me out here!

Give it up, already


So I was on the phone with my buddy, talking about various upcoming games for the Xbox 360. So I go and log into ebgames.com, where I keep my wish list (I put my list there when I couldn't find a to-be-released game on Amazon, yet it was on ebgames). Nice thing about their wish list is that it shows the expected release date.

There were a few games for the 360 that were due in February. Only one now (Full Auto), but as I don't recall the prior list, I dunno what got moved out.

But there was one game for the original Xbox which I knew had been moved. I've written about it slipping before. A couple times. Hit those links yet?

Yup. We're talking about Starcraft: Ghost. Holy crap, man. That game was due in June 2004!! The current date is listed as November 2006. Oh, sure, they changed developers once already. Doesn't excuse its delay.

It was a cutting edge game at one time, but today? Stealthy? Aliens? Psi abilities? Whatever... It's all been done by now. I looked forward to it with great anticipation (woo! Nova!), but now? Bah.

Pass the controller. I'll dig in with a little Joanna Dark instead...