I just finished the indie game BlindGiRl. Very cool puzzle game, with an excellent set of visuals and sound. And for just 80 points (aka US$1). The past hour has been well worth it!



I've been playing Darksiders the past few days. Picked it up on sale at GameStop for just $19.99 (see This is a fabulous price given how new this game is. And it is well worth it!

The combat is sweeping and visceral. You fight against multiple foes, moving among the opponents with massive weapons, and some awesomely bloody "fatality" moves. One of my favorites is jumping up to grab onto a huge bat's neck, then plunging my huge sword up through its body, and ripping it into pieces in a spray of gore.

Yup, similar to God of War, and along the same lines as Dante's Inferno that I commented on earlier.

The game feels pretty linear, as you move through the story, growing your fighting capability. Some basic environmental puzzles in the areas (get this, unlock that, jump here, etc) provides for some light thinking between the episodes of combat. The graphics are detailed, with vast, open spaces to play in.

Metacritic gave Darksiders an 83. I agree, and for just $20, this game is a no-brainer to pick up.