Buy a PS3?

So I'm definitely going to get an Xbox 360 when it comes out, but a friend asked me an interesting question a couple days ago:
Are you going to get a PS3 when it's released?
Tough one. I used to own a PS2, along with my Xbox. After I realized that 99% of my gaming was occurring on the Xbox (except for GTA or DBZ), then I went ahead and sold off the PS2.

However, a recent AnandTech article (an an interesting ArsTechnica followup) said that the two systems might be roughly equal in terms of power for this go-round. If they are about the same, then I could easily see owning and using both consoles.

It is really going to depend on "is there a game available only for the PS3 that I just have to play?" For the Xbox, that was Morrowind. As the PS3 release approaches, I'll just have to see what's up...


flaregun said...

I'm going to get a PS3 if there are any available in my area.

This site Buy a PS3 looks like they will be offering the ps3 and this ps3 forum has information on preorders.

Dean said...

Buy PSP3 ? To answer my own question I just got one. I got it from here

With Blu-ray players priced at $1,000 How could Sony possibbly sell a games console with a blu ray player, priced almost less than half of what a standard blu ray player would cost.
PS3 - A cheap way of getting Blu-Ray?

Tod said...

I think im going to buy one, dunno were, its not cheap.