EA Focus Test, Take 2

Woot. Went to another focus test at EA tonite. This one was for the upcoming Bond game: From Russia With Love. As before, I can't say anything about the game though...

The process for these is pretty neat. They've got a bunch of debug consoles and sit you down to work through very specific parts of the game. After you get a chance to mess around with it, then there is a set of questions that are asked which you fill out on paper. Rating of the gameplay, visuals, etc. There's usually a couple sections that you work through. Both times, some of the developers and designers come in and ask specific questions around some of the stuff they've worked on.

As before, it's neat to see a game in the works. As a thanks, they let you take home a game. Last time, I picked up Nead for Speed Underground 2 (the original was very good... this one is excellent; writeup later). Tonite, I grabbed Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath. metacritic gave the game an 88, and I've heard quite a few good things about it, so it should be fun.

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