Got Trophy?

One of the coolest things about the new Burnout Revenge game is the set of trophies. They're all variants on your car (in shiny gold) versus the other cars (in silver). Each trophy is presented as a movie. Excellent dynamics, and choreographed to the particular trophy. My two favorites:
Vertical Takedown: the sucker is hanging out thinking life is good. The camera pans up to the left and you see a small spot of gold. It takes form as your car hurtles down from a billion miles up, landing for the full-on smack down on little baby silver.
Blowing up N cars: this one is given after the big crash mode if you manage to f' up a gazillion cars. It totally rules as your car comes flying down, bounces off one car, flips and dances off the next, one more somersault, and then plows into the flatbed of a big rig. The camera does three replays around the big rig, and then everything goes kablooie.
The trophy movies are awesome. You just want to play to unlock the damned things. Beautifully rendered, and the gold versus silver is an excellent way to show how much your car rules.

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