"God of War" in Xbox clothing

No, God of War isn't coming to the Xbox any time soon. But we are getting Dante's Inferno.

If you haven't downloaded the demo from Xbox Live, then do it now. Serious awesome rush.

For those not familiar with God of War (which is a Playstation exclusive, and I'm assuming this blog's readers are mostly Xbox players), think about an adventure game like The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, and mix in some very light platforming like the Prince of Persia series, and throw in a ton of gore and fatalities like Mortal Kombat or Vikings: Battle for Asgard. There are basic combos, and skill progression, but nowhere near the complexity of a fighting game like Tekken or the depth of an RPG like Oblivion.

Does that all make sense? Basically, you're playing through the nine levels of hell being the biggest, baddest, motherfucker in the universe and beyond. Shoot... in the second scene of so of the demo, you fight Death himself! And kick his bony ass, as he blubbers like a schoolgirl to spare him!

The controls in the demo take a bit to get used to (right stick is dash/evade rather than camera, which is mostly fixed). But the fights are fast, gory, and really gets the adrenaline going. You're fighting all these monsters using the scythe you swiped off Death. At the end of the demo, you jam the sucker into this huge monster's head and ride him around like the sandworms in Dune, crushing all the teeny minions sent against you.

A high energy adventure/platformer like this has been a while in coming, and I'm very much looking forward to the game when it comes out next month.

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Sam Saunders said...

I agree whole heartedly. Thank you for talking about this game, by the way. Not enough people do. It's fucking badass what you do in that demo.