Tonite, I just saw a new radiangames game ("Fireball") appear in the Indie section. This is their fourth or fifth title so far. As soon as I saw the developer name, I downloaded the trial.

These guys really know how to put together great games and offer them at crazy affordable prices (all their games are 80 points, aka US$1). They have beautiful flowing graphics, great soundtracks, and play mechanics that are easy to learn.

End result? For a buck, you can grab a game that is wonderfully fun to play.

These guys seem to just keep cranking the games out. Maybe one every month or two. I've bought several of them already (including Fireball, tonite!). I'm going to keep watching the Indie games section for them, and if they ever move up to an XBLA or full title? Hell yah.

My eye is on these guys. Highly recommended.

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Gerald Terveen said...

Yeah Radiangames are a safe bet and absolutely worth the money. But those guys are actually just one guy - Luke Schneider. ;-)