Beyond Good and Evil

Oooh! It has finally happened. I've been waiting for this ever since it was announced:

Beyond Good and Evil (HD) has landed in the Xbox Live Arcade.

I played this game back in the PS2 era, and it was excellent. Beautiful graphics, a wide variety of game play style, and a combat mechanic that was well forward of its time.

Combat in BGE is very fluid, particularly in the multiple-opponent case. Push the stick in the direction of who you'd like to give the smackdown to, press the attack button, and Jade flows her combat moves over to that opponent. A brilliant set of animations and an easy and direct flow to combat. In modern games, this is best demonstrated by Batman: Arkham Asylum, and how Batman fluidly moves from one opponent to the next.

The game just appeared on XBLA, and is still downloading. I didn't need a trailer or a demo or anything. Bang! MSP 800 away, and the game is mine. Of course, I really should play the damned thing before recommending it, but I will say this is a game you should take a look at.


misschoc said...

Hi i realy like this page!

greetz from germany♥

Anonymous said...

i loved bg&e, so i was really excited about this too. i bought it as soon as it came out, and started to play it the other day. sadly, it still has a really horrible feature/bug left over from the PC version: you can't invert just the y axis. invert is either both axes or neither. who would want the x axis inverted?!

flight control style inverted y axis is burned into my brain; there's no going back for me. i hacked it on the PC, but that's not really doable on xbox. sigh. oh well, guess i'll just wait for the ico and shadow of the collossus remakes!