I've been playing some Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy lately. It rocks. Your various powers unfold as you start to play the game. First comes telekinesis. Then remote viewing. And then "mind drain". The latter is awesome. You can recover psychic go-go juice from corpses. No more need for powerups to replenish your psi power. But even better? Sneak up behind a live person and mind drain them. A kickass lightning bolt goes between you and your (ahem) subject and they lift into the air as you start sucking their brain. Voom voom voom! And then BLAM! Their head goes up in a merry fountain of giblets.

Psi-Ops is proving to be some serious fun. Yes, you've got guns and can shoot the crap outta the bad guys. But it takes a lot of hits, and they're usually wailing on you, too. But use a telekinesis on them? Whap! Whap! As you toss them around like rag dolls. It's very satisfying...

I've heard the game is a bit on the short side, but no matter. I've got the sucker on hard, and I'm just too methodical with this stuff. It should prove to be many, many hours of enjoyment, making this game well worth the purchase.

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