First Culling

So last week, my Xbox games went through their first culling. I picked out 18 games to take over to GameStop, where I averaged about $3 each for the games. Not a whole lot, so maybe I'll look for other options. But awfully convenient.

The moolah went into Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter. Way cool! Also on a deposit for Oblivion (awesome).

So what kind of games got culled? Games where I have 360 replacements already (driving, Ghost Recon, etc). Games that I've completed once, but won't do a second pass through (e.g. Fable). And a few where I know that I'm not interested in completing them.

I still have a stack of Xbox games, and I'm holding out some small hope to play them. But I have the feeling that I'll do another round of culling without having played most of them...


knight37 said...

Next time consider taking your used games to which is a great game trading community. You'll usually get a lot better than $3 a game there. The site has a great match-making service. you enter in the games you have, and the games you want, and it searches the database and matches up other people who can give you what you want in exchange for what you have. Failing that, there's always the forums, where you can find buyers for most of your stuff for pay pal or whatever.

Greg Stein said...

Thanks for the pointer!