Life as I Know It

Life as I know it will end on March 20th. Elder Scrolls: Oblivion ships that day (it has gone gold finally).

"But isn't Oblivion shipping a good thing?" you may ask?

It is. And I'm gonna be glued to that damned 360 for the following eight weeks. Seriously. With Elder Scrolls: Morrowind, I played it somewhere between 30 and 40 hours for week for about seven weeks.

Sleep? Friends? Family? All gone, in the face of Oblivion. Life is going to be quite different starting March 20th...


gnome said...

Wow... Welcome back!

rallymvp said...

You can still have a life. Up to you to choose it.

Oblivion here we come!

WOW is teh l33t btw :)

Julio said...

I'm glad you managed to take some time off Oblivion, for the keynote at the EclipseCon. Very well done!

Greg Stein said...

hehe... while I don't normally like to mix my "real life" into this blog (I always think, "who cares?"), you can't imagine how painful that was. To wait for 18 months for this game, get it into my hands, and then have to IGNORE it to prep for that keynote... gah ... such pain.

But it sounds like you liked it. Thanks!