Goldtoe Goes 360

A buddy of mine wrote an Xbox 360 review. I'd concur with his points, though I'm curious why he is setting up Windows Media Connect, as I thought the Media PC itself was enough.

I'd also like to stress the coolness of the Achievements. Yes, you get to see how your friends are doing, but you also get to lord it over them when you're kicking their ass in gamerpoints. (yeah, I'm looking at you, Chip... hehe...) It introduces a nice amount of friendly competition beyond the gameplay experience.


Jason Goldman said...

My 360 couldn't find my media PC over the home network without installing additional software.

And even then the 360 tried to index all the media on the PC which didn't turn out to well.

The media part is very confusing to me.

Brad said...

Really like all of your posts Greg Stein.