Oblivion Patch and New Content

The Bethesda guys have posted about some upcoming patches and downloadable content.

Cool. I am so buying the Wizard's Tower. Holy crap.

[ thanks to Nelson for the find... I should monitor those bboards... ]


Knot said...

hey... i have a question:

where would you suggest me to store items when I have yet to buy a house? is it best to just sell them?

a house is way over priced... i don't have that much money (any suggestions on this? just steal?)

i already carry way too much on self... need to drop them off somewhere

Anonymous said...

yo man if you want to carry tons of stuff you can just activate god mode by presing "~" and typing in "tgm" then pressing enter.
i'm carrying 2000 pounds right now and i should only carry 500.
but god mode give you like infinite heate magicka and fatigue so its awsome

Anonymous said...

Personally, I completed the Dark Brotherhood missions (which are triggered when you kill first person in your gametime, dont be scared by the on-screen note.) and got that way my first safe haven. DB base has lots of containers in free use.
Second cheap way is to buy the derelict house for 5000 gold in Anvil and complete its quest line, once again. Dont be scared by outlook. After quests are done, its as good as any house - an cheap like hell.

Anonymous said...

Just keep your stuff in a pile out in the open. It doesn't matter where--the NPCs won't take it. I've got 120+ hours on two characters, never lost any loot. Ha, kind of takes the realism out of it.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha , yall poor, all i do is go to dorians houde in the talos plaza district bribe him all my money then kill him just keep clicking on the money, dont click take all, im rich and i bought rosethorn hall.
press"~" then type "psb" to get all spells , use vampire seduction to make people like you