Starts slow and easy, then it starts stepping up.

During the first part of the game, it's a hand-to-hand brawler. Much like some of the pics that I've seen of Breakdown. So you're moving through the game beating the crap outta various people. The combat is pretty good -- various blocks and different types of kicks and punches are possible. It can get a bit crazy, but not a big issue.

Then you get a gun. And "slow and easy" just doesn't apply any more. You have to be fast and hella accurate with your assault rifle. If not... BOOM! You're down. Of course, it may simply be that I've cranked up the difficulty :-)

The reviews say the game is relatively short. I'm not sure how replayable it is, so that's why I cranked the difficulty. It would kind of suck to just blow right through the game. Have to work for it...

The way that your goals are defined is also really cool. It is always totally clear what you need to do. There is sort of a running list of your goals. As you complete each part, it changes to the next thing. Very slick.

The game has been awesome so far, and it is way cool to see more of the Riddick universe filled in through the game story. I worry about the length, but let's see whether that will be a problem by the time that I finish.

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