I mentioned the game Sudeki earlier. Big, beautiful RPG coming out next month. All the screenshots look great, and some of the previews about the story line sound excellent. And how can an RPG be bad?!

Ah, but sadness. It just got pushed back to July 20th (from the 13th). Not a very good sign given how close that is. Hopefully, it is about production and distribution issues instead of last minute game problems.

I typically buy my games from EB Games. There is a very good wish list system there, which I use to track all the games that seem "interesting", but are not out yet. Last year, I used to use Amazon for this, but they didn't have Rogue Ops on their site. So... off to ebgames. Where was I going with this? Well, ebgames has got about 100 screenshots of the game. GameSpy has fewer, but they are a bit larger.

Whatever the case... go check out the screenshots. Some amazing detail and vivid color. There is an excellent variety of areas, characters, and oh-so-pretty effects.

Now if it would just ship...

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